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Issues Covered by Florida Divorce Laws

Even for legal experts understanding divorce laws can be challenging leave alone representing a client in court. It is, therefore, important for couples to seek the help of a seasoned legal mind i.e. a divorce attorney who not only understands divorce laws but also knows how to maneuver through the system and deliver justice to the couple. It should be known that contentions in a divorce process can make the divorce very expensive even for an attorney who charges a fair price. This is because there are a lot of unforeseen circumstances including an appeal and expert witnesses. Issues such as children’s health insurance, child support, timesharing, etc. can drug the case in court for ages. If the couple cannot agree on timesharing the court has to come up with a formula and decide on who will have custody of the children, visitation rights, child support, etc.

In a contested divorce property and debt sharing is also an emotive issue. Both spouses may be determined to keep the matrimonial home, the business, vehicles, investment, savings, etc. One couple may argue that the property is in their name or give other reasons to support their position. The court will have to step in and make their legal assessment concerning the situation. The decision of the circuit court may be appealed by a disgruntled party to the divorce. This only means that the divorce will be delayed for longer and end up cost much more money.

The laws concerning debt and asset sharing are complex. It would be wiser for the couple to save on legal fees by sitting down and coming up with some consensus. Spousal support issues may also derail a divorce process. Several factors are considered when determining the amount of alimony to grant and to whom. The divorce laws are not clear cut for the layman and the assistance of a legal mind is highly recommended. Find out more here

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