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Lessons from Florida Divorce Laws

Although couples exchange marriage vows with no intention of ever going back on those vows, situations may get challenging. A time may come when a spouse decides that the marriage has become too much for them to bear. At such a point in time, it is not advisable for that spouse to angrily rush to court in an attempt to get even with their spouse. The most rational thing to do is to seek advice on the most competent divorce attorney. They should go for the attorney who has their best interest at heart.

A seasoned attorney will tell you the options available. Generally, the options come down to this; there is the option of sitting down and coming into an agreement concerning all the outstanding issues and the option of pursuing justice through the courts. If a couple chooses an amicable way of seeking common ground on the issues of debt and asset sharing, alimony, timesharing (visitation, education, upkeep, vacation, etc.), legal fees, etc. then the cost of the divorce will be affordable. The time spent will also be less. This is because there will be no issues of contention for which the judge must make a determination. This is why couples must calm down their emotions in order to reason rationally. If the couple fails to choose this route the consequences will most probably be detrimental. In general terms, this is what the Florida divorce laws are all about.

Where the couple remains adamant that they must have their day in court they must also be prepared for what is to come. There are only two ways out, it is either the couple agree on all the issues or the services of the court and the judge be sought. For every issue that is not agreed upon the judge will have to render a ruling. This means that the hours of representation from the divorce attorney will be increasing on every issue of contention. If the divorce has disagreements the attorney will not charge a fixed fee as it is where all issues are agreed upon. This means that the cost of pursuing this divorce will be higher. The time spent in court will also be more. The income, savings, and other financial assets may end up getting consumed through the settling of legal fees. The children are also likely to suffer.

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