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Why a Couple should make Informed Choices to Minimize the Cost of their Florida Divorce

There are two divorce paradigms is Florida. Any couples who wish to get a divorce have to choose a divorce route they wish to pursue. Often, couples are unwilling or afraid of getting a divorce for the fear that the process might rob them of their savings and income. While this is true in some circumstances it is also true that a divorce does not have to be expensive. To enjoy the benefits of an inexpensive, quick, and less tedious divorce a couple must be amicable concerning all the divorce issues. Often, the bone of contention in a divorce involves the sharing of assets and debts, alimony, timesharing (children upkeep, custody, visitation, education, etc.), insurance, etc. When both couples want to retain the family business, matrimonial home, vehicles, investments, etc. they can either choose to amicably settle their differences or take the battle to the courtroom.

In case the couple chooses to settle their differences privately, with or without external assistance, then the Cost of divorce in Florida will be greatly reduced. The reason behind this is that the divorce attorney can accurately predict the cost of an amicable divorce and hence charge a flat fee for the entire process. Furthermore, a couple who chooses to be amicable doesn’t have to endure the lengthy court processes. They may not even have to appear in court. Furthermore, in an amicable divorce arrangement, there are no unforeseen costs and circumstances such as expert witnesses and appeals. It should be noted that an amicable couple during divorce is often likely to enjoy a healthy relationship after the divorce for the sake of the children. If kids are involved they will not be greatly affected by an amicable divorce as they would if the divorce was characterized by endless court battles.

On the other hand, if the couples are led by selfish interests and the desire for vengeance it will be difficult for them to settle their differences. Under these circumstances, the divorce attorney will charge an hourly fee because they are unable to predict the time the divorce will take and the likelihood of appeals and expert witness involvement. All in all a couple has to make informed choices during their divorce.

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